Mark Coulton, MP

Friendly Faces Helping Hands Foundation is a fantastic new initiative to help every day Australians with their health care journey. It’s bad enough to have to deal with a health problem, let alone the stress of finding your way around hospitals and other facilities when you don’t know the area. Everyone needs to get onto this site and check out the great services this new charity can provide to help you when you need it most.
I feel honoured to have been asked by Kelly to speak at this important website launch for Friendly Faces Helping Hands.  I very much regret that I am unable to actually attend the event.

I remember my first meeting with Kel and it wasn’t so long ago….  Maybe 2 half years.   She had a dream that came from her own experiences and in that short time of 2 half years, much of that dream has been realised… to ease the difficult process of illness and tragedy.  In this short time Kelly has helped some 36,000 people.

A lot of cooperative effort has gone into this new website – there is more information, more links, more professionalism if that is possible, and an attraction for more investors.

Kelly Foran, I congratulate you and your supporters on this impressive website for Friendly Faces Helping Hands – another level in realising your dream.

Kind regards,
Mark Coulton, MP
Federal Member for Parkes

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