Mens Line Australia

MensLine Australia is managed by Crisis Support Services (CSS), a not-for-profit community organisation that also provides SuicideLine Victoria, The beyondblue Information Line, and a range of other specialised telephone counselling and support services. CSS also runs the LIFE (Living Is For Everyone) Communications project, part of the the National Suicide Prevention Initiative.

MensLine Australia is funded by the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (FaHCSIA) as part of the department’s Men and Family Relationships initiative, launched in 1997. The initiative offers a range of services and programs to support men in managing family and relationship difficulties.

MensLine Australia responds to its callers' needs in a variety of ways:
  • Standard Call – an immediate, single-session discussion and support 
  • Call Back Support Service – short to medium term follow-up coaching and support, initiated by the service to the caller after the initial contact call 
  • Peer Education Telegroups – small groups of men from anywhere in the country engaged in a facilitated discussion on a relevant topic using tele-conferencing technology. 
  • Assisted Referrals – Referring services or agencies who have established protocols with MensLine Australia can assist their clients to link directly with the MensLine service via a real-time warm-link transfer or email. 
  • Dedicated Industry Lines – MensLine Australia can provide customised telephone counselling services to support male employees.

Helpline               1300 78 99 78         1300 78 99 78
PO Box 2335
Footscray VIC 3011
Telephone (admin)     (03) 8371 2800         (03) 8371 2800
Fax (03) 8371 2888

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