Royal Far West

Royal Far West provides a wide range of essential specialist health services to meet the needs of country children and their families.

Demand is increasing and Royal Far West is committed to enhancing our services and reaching more country kids, especially in the important areas of mental health, oral health and early intervention.

Royal Far West works in partnership with rural health professionals, other healthcare providers and specialist centres such as children’s hospitals. We also offer a respite program for country children with special needs.

Who we help

Country children from rural and remote NSW are treated by Royal Far West for a diverse range of complex medical conditions.

These conditions are not life threatening however, without the appropriate treatment they are life altering and limit a child’s potential. Services which they can only access through Royal Far West, have a positive impact on these children’s health and wellbeing.

Kids are our future. They deserve access to specialist health services regardless of where they live.

Contact Us
Royal Far West welcomes your enquiries. For further information please contact us:

Free call: 1800 500 061 
Telephone: (02) 8966 8500 
Facsimile: (02) 9977 7134


Address: Royal Far West
PO Box 52

19-21 South Steyne
Manly NSW 2095  

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