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Hawkesbury Kelpies donates pup to help out Friendly Faces Helping Hands Foundation

HE’S just a friendly little Kelpie pup with lovely brown eyes, but he is set to make a huge difference.
Twelve-week-old Hawkesbury Finley is already showing interest in sheep, and according to Kelpie breeders Anthony Attard and Jenny Sant, he is a very special pup.

The couple from Hawkesbury Working Kelpie Stud, Prunevale, are donating Finley to be auctioned at the Sydney Royal Show to raise funds for Friendly Faces Helping Hands Foundation.

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St Vincents Hospital Sydney

Can't thank you enough for putting us in the right direction for accommodation near the hospital it has put my mothin law at ease that we can walk to the hospital and for all the resources you gave me over the phone. The heart and soul you put into this is just beyond words.

Rohanne Tiefel

I wanted to thank you for your presentation on the weekend at the Scone Rural Women’s Gathering. I am truly amazed at your positive outlook on life after such an ordeal that you and your family went through.

I am very impressed with the website you have created and I know this will benefit thousands of families in the future.

It is disappointing to see that you receive no financial support from the government and I hope they soon realise what an amazing job you are doing and look to support your foundation in the near future.

Scott Cam

Friendly Faces Helping Hands Foundation is a fantastic new initiative to help every day Australians with their health care journey. It’s bad enough to have to deal with a health problem, let alone the stress of finding your way around hospitals and other facilities when you don’t know the area. Everyone needs to get onto this site and check out the great services this new charity can provide to help you when you need it most.

Ellen Gallagher and Deb Pugh

Thank you for your presentation at the New England Regional HACC Forum, Held in Tamworth. The HACC services at the forum were informed and inspired by the story of The Friendly Faces Helping Hands Foundation. HACC services in the New England area are acutely aware of the need for information which the Foundation provides as rural services supporting people in health crises, and as rural residences themselves.


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Conference Testimonials

“ABSOLUTELY beautiful”, “wonderful”, “you can’t get any better speaker”, and “very moving”, were some of the remarks by country women on the presentation by Kelly Foran of the Friendly Faces, Helping Hands Foundation, held in Moree’s ‘White House’, on Wednesday morning.


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Val Freeman

I just want to say how truly grateful and appreciative I am for the support I received in finding travel and  accommodation when having appointments with  Specialists in Sydney for my son.


It is quite stressful when you have no idea where to find accommodation , which is handy to Hospitals and Specialists, also which is suitable accommodation and reasonably priced.


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Kevin Humphries

Home-grown innovation born from adversity

Kelly Foran’s strength, perseverance and initiative are remarkable. The Maules Creek mother-of-two has overcome life-threatening adversity on several counts, from her own brain tumor and relapses to her son’s cancer.  She has blossomed on the other side with an inspirational and innovative vision to help others.

Kelly’s new website, Friendly Faces Helping Hands, does just that.



Jo Valentine

I Would like to personally thank you for your fantastic website. You have done a wonderful job. My Husband and I travel to Sydney all the time with our son. Someone told me about your site and I have found it to be so helpful. 

Mark Coulton, MP

I feel honoured to have been asked by Kelly to speak at this important website launch for Friendly Faces Helping Hands.  I very much regret that I am unable to actually attend the event.


Debbie Armstrong

I have had the pleasure of listening to Kelly Foran’s presentation on the Friendly Faces Helping Hands Foundation several times at Ladies Health Information Days around the region. Her story and subsequent development of the Foundation, so that she can help others to minimise their distress is an inspiration. I have myself used the website to provide information to clients who have had to utilise hospital services in the city. The information and support that the Foundation provides is invaluable.

Debbie Armstrong
Child and Family Health Nurse / Audiometry Nurse

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