Bonalbo Event

21st September 2019

Bonalbo “Women Like Us” – 20 September 2019 An evening Dinner and Show Event held at and catered by the local Bowling Club with the aim to uplift and empower the local community. We did this by providing comic relief and information in a relaxed environment. We coordinated two speakers who presented on: Health and looking after yourself, Life and Inspiration of being women.

These speakers were followed by the comedy show “Women like us” who provided a 2-hour comedy act. This act brought a truckload of laughter to help people make fun of life and lighten the load. Laughter is the best medicine.

A Healthwise nurse was available to do health-checks and each attendee was given a goodies bag which had a gift and a range of pamphlets and contacts for information on (and ways to obtain) available drought assistance, and Health and Mental Health support.

At the time of this event Banalbo and its surrounding district was ravaged by bushfires and had been experiencing severe and ongoing drought. Hosting the event in this small town had the benefit of providing relief to the attendees while also financially supporting the local businesses and groups. At this event we had 100 attendees.

A snapshot of some of the comments received by attendees:

Loved it, really good, fantastic event, great message, great information, great entertainment, you do an amazing job, Well done, should be more events like this! It is such a rarity to have a night like this at Bonalbo. A night that brings all levels of community and age together, regardless of financial situation. Kelly was incredible, and Mandy was fabulous. Please come back. To laugh and not think about the drought - Thanks for the laughter tonight.

We can often forget to do this when focusing on farm/life. Great night. I feel that many people learnt a lot about Friendly Faces Helping Hands. Mandy Nolan was a great way to finish off the night. Awesome! Amazing night would do it again and mention it to others. Any event in our small community of Bonalbo is a plus and in our present tough times a good laugh is exactly what we need. More of it would be much appreciated.