Other People's Journeys

What a brilliant resource!

5th May 2021
What a brilliant resource! Like many others, our family had many months spent at a large metro hospital which we were unfamiliar with whist receiving care for one of our children. For many years I carried a tattered piece of paper in my wallet with all the important info (accommodation options and h ... read more

My St Vincent's Hospital Sydney Journey

11th June 2020
Can't thank you enough for putting us in the right direction for accommodation near the hospital it has put my mother in law at ease that we can walk to the hospital and for all the resources you gave me over the phone. The heart and soul you put into this is just beyond words. ... read more

Val Freeman Testimonial

11th June 2020
 I just want to say how truly grateful and appreciative I am for the support I received in finding travel and accommodation when having appointments with Specialists in Sydney for my son. It is quite stressful when you have no idea where to find accommodation , which is handy to Hospitals and S ... read more

Jo Valentine Thankyou

11th June 2020
I Would like to personally thank you for your fantastic website. You have done a wonderful job. My Husband and I travel to Sydney all the time with our son. Someone told me about your site and I have found it to be so helpful. ... read more

Debbie Armstrong - Child and Family Nurse

11th June 2020
 I have had the pleasure of listening to Kelly Foran’s presentation on the Friendly Faces Helping Hands Foundation several times at Ladies Health Information Days around the region. Her story and subsequent development of the Foundation, so that she can help others to minimise their dist ... read more

Far West Testimonial

15th June 2017
An indigenous family from western NSW had a 3-year-old child requiring a bone marrow transplant. The family, having exhausted all their finances, could not afford repeated travel to and from Sydney as well as ongoing city accommodation costs. The Foundation coordinated assistance from Angel Flight ... read more