Damien Connor Uralla Shire Council

28th June 2020

To whom it may concern,

Re: Friendly Faces Helping Hands Foundation It is with great pleasure that I am able to personally recommend the services of the Friendly Faces Helping Hands Foundation to any Council or community organisation looking to inform their communities about the wonderful support services that Friendly Faces provides to people during their times of most need.

In addition to this I would also recommend Kelly Foran, who is the founder of the Friendly Faces Helping Hands Foundation, as a speaker to the staff and leaders of any organisation be they public or private. Kelly gave a moving firsthand account of her families own experience with health tragedy and then outlined her positive reaction in the face of considerable and repeated adversity.

Some of the key messages that our staff took away following this personal development session were a renewed perspective in both personal and professional life and the importance of resilience. Kelly’s presentation in the most recent instance was tailored for our female staff and centred-in on women being the centre piece of strong families, strong organisations and caring communities.

I cannot speak highly enough of Kelly and her wonderful foundation and the positive effect that she has had on our staff and the thousands of people that she has selflessly helped in their hour of need, therefore, I personally encourage the leaders of any organisation be-they community, public or private to contact Kelly and discuss how she may be able to help your staff and community further.

Yours sincerely Damien Connor