Kevin Humphreys Testimonial

11th June 2020

Home-grown innovation born from adversity.

Kelly Foran’s strength, perseverance and initiative are remarkable. The Maules Creek mother-of-two has overcome life-threatening adversity on several counts, from her own brain tumor and relapses to her son’s cancer. She has blossomed on the other side with an inspirational and innovative vision to help others.

Kelly’s website, Friendly Faces Helping Hands, does just that. The site provides information on essential services surrounding Australia’s major metropolitan hospitals. From accommodation and car parks to supermarkets, cafes, social workers and more.

Kelly hopes that country people visiting hospitals in unfamiliar areas will no longer fall victim to unnecessarily high prices or wander the suburbs for hours in search of an open café or grocery store. Instead, her site shows people where they can find a cheap car park or a café with extended trading hours.