Town Beach Park


Town Beach Park is very famous in Port Macquarie owing to its location near the centre of town. The 600 metres long beach, curves between the southern river entrance wall and a jagged 15-metre high headland, capped by the Pilots flagstaff.

The park offers a modern and innovative playground, outdoor gym equipment and skate park. The park provides open grassed areas with some shade overlooking the beach with picnic facilities.

There is a kiosk offering fresh, delicious food, good coffee and a view with a side order of sea breeze.

SPECIALITY: Statues, Grassy Fields, Slides, Ponds, Monuments, Stone Benches, Bike Riding, Event Conducting, Hiking, Shelters, Restrooms, Picnics, Fountains, Aquatic Centre, Swings, Walking Trails, Waterfalls, Sports Areas, Jogging, Dog Parking & Gardens

Address1 Munster St
Port Macquarie NSW
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Opening Hours

Open 24 hours daily.