10th June 2020

Centrelink Services Australia provide financial assistance for eligible Australians.

Carer Adjustment Payment is a one off payment. It helps families when a child younger than 6 is diagnosed with one of the following:

  • a severe illness
  • medical condition     
  • major disability.

Carer Payment supports you if you can’t work in substantial paid employment. This can be providing full time daily care to someone either:

  • with severe disability or medical condition
  • who is frail aged.

Carer Allowance is an income supplement for parents or carers. You need to provide daily care for someone for one of the following reasons. They:

  • have disability     
  • have a medical condition     
  • are frail aged.

Essential Medical Equipment Payment is a yearly payment to help with increases to home energy costs. This can be from the use of essential medical equipment to help manage disability or a medical condition. 

Centrelink provides financial support to help families with the cost of health care:

Medicare can help with the cost of health care services or medicine.

Child Dental Benefits Schedule helps with the cost of basic dental services for children between 2 to 17.

Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate Scheme helps families with the cost of treatment for cleft lip and cleft palate conditions. 

Continence Aids Payment Scheme helps people who have permanent and severe incontinence with the cost of incontinence products.

You will need to create and Sign in to your Centrelink online account using your myGov username and password.