Opal Card

30th March 2020

Depending on which card you need, there are a number of ways to get an Opal card. Adult and Child/Youth Opal cards are available over the counter from Opal retailers, including convenience stores and newsagents, while concession cards must be applied for online.

There is no charge for an Opal card, however a minimum top up value of $20 for an adult card, or $10 for a child or concession card, applies at retailers or when using top up machines. Top up amounts of $10 for adult and $5 for child or concession are available when topping up online.

You can also use contactless payments as an alternative to travelling with an Adult Opal card. You can also purchase Opal single trip tickets, however prices are more expensive than using an Opal card and some stations, stops and wharves do not sell them.

Please note: Sydney buses are now cashless and an Opal Card is needed to access the buses in Sydney.

Getting an Opal Card