Red Cross TeleYARN Service

11th February 2021

The TeleYARN Service

The Australian Red Cross provides free phone calls to older people who are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander and would benefit for a regular yarn.

2. All volunteers are Aboriginal or Torre Strait Island.

3. The aim is to help people overcome social isolation who may be living alone,             * unable to leave home for a medical reason,                                                                   * living in remote location,                                                                                                 * living with disability,                                                                                                         * a long way from home, kin and country                                                                         OR just want to yarn with someone from the same culture.

The TeleYARN Service is available across NSW. For more information, call Red Cross on 0400 234 586 or 0466 421 210 or speak with an Aboriginal Worker at the Hospital.

“When I walk away from the phone after I’ve hung up, it makes my day. I love it, they’re one of your kind and you don’t feel that loneliness anymore because you know someone cares.”