RMH Telehealth

Is Telehealth right for you?

Ask your doctor if you could have Telehealth appointments in the future. If you need blood tests or imaging tests, your treating team will talk to you about getting these tests done near you before your Telehealth appointment.

If your doctor suggested Telehealth for your next appointment and you'd like to know more, schedule a test call with our friendly staff. Schedule a Telehealth test call before your appointment Call either 03 9342 8670 (for RMH City Campus) or 03 8387 2235 (for RMH Royal Park Campus) to schedule a test call.

Are you eligible for Telehealth? You may be eligible if:

•You live in a rural or regional area (known as "classification RA2 – 5"). You can find Telehealth-friendly GP clinics on the Australian college of Rural and Remote Medicine website

•You are a resident of an aged care facility

•You are attending an Aboriginal medical service

•Your clinician agrees that Telehealth is suitable for you Equipment for Telehealth To make a Telehealth video call you will need:

•An appointment for one of the RMH clinics

•A reasonably up-to-date computer (with a webcam, microphone and speakers), a tablet, or a smart phone

•Google Chrome, or Safari browser

•Somewhere quiet to have your consultation

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