Concessional Parking Liverpool Hospital

Concession rates are available for eligible patients and their carers who require regular or long-term hospitalisation and/or treatment in all public hospital car parks in NSW.

Who is eligible for concessional car parking?                                                       Patients and carers eligible to obtain concession rates when parked in public hospital car parks include:

•holders of a RMS issued Mobility Parking Scheme permit;

• holders of a Pensioner Concession Card;

• holders of a Gold Veterans Affairs Card;

• holders of a Health Care Card;

• ongoing cancer treatment patients;

• patients and their carers who are required to attend the hospital/facility for a course of treatment over a period of time greater than one week;

• patients and their carers attending more frequently than twice weekly, including carers of long term patients who visit frequently;

• cardiac rehabilitation education and exercise class attendees;

• daily dressing outpatients;

• Health Promotion education class attendees.

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Visitors and patients should contact Secure Parking Office on 8738 6347 for further information regarding the process.

Others may be eligible. Please contact Secure Parking Office for further information.

Eligible patients, their carers, and holders of concession cards are required to present their parking ticket, photo identification and concession card or request for concessional rates (prior to exiting the car park) at the Wilson Parking Office located in the P2 car park on the ground floor Monday to Sunday 6am - 10pm.