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St Vincent's Hospital and Sacred Heart and have 3 chapels for staff and patients to visit for some quiet time, prayer and to celebrate the Eucharist.

The Xavier Chapel is located to the right of the Xavier foyer (the main entrance) of the St Vincent's Hospital and was designed to be used for worship by people of the many faiths and traditions who visit the Hospital. It has a modern feel and is consistent with the Sisters of Charity tradition to provide holistic health care.

For many patients, the time they spend in hospital is a time they are more likely to experience vulnerability and uncertainty. This is not only reflected in their physical condition but also in the emotional and spiritual journey which accompanies the experience of illness, pain and loss.

The ministry of Pastoral Care provides patients with carers who walk this journey with them. As an integral part of our health care team, Pastoral Care professionals offer a unique service that recognises the specific cultural, contextual, physical, emotional, spiritual and religious needs of the person. Our Pastoral Care team members accompany patients, their families, friends and staff as they articulate their hopes, fears, anxieties and concerns.

Our team responds to patients in the present moment and assists them to find and draw upon their own resources. Pastoral Care acknowledges and supports those who draw strength from their religious tradition or faith.

Chaplaincy services are integral to the care and ministry provided by St Vincent’s Hospital. Catholic Chaplains are provided in addition to visiting multi-denominational support. Anglican, Jewish and Methodist chaplains are also on staff at St Vincent’s. This support enables a rich liturgical service across our Hospital.

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If you wish to see a Chaplain, Pastoral Care team member or a minister or spiritual leader from your tradition please enquire with the nursing staff who are caring for you.