TRRH Social Work Services

Being in hospital is naturally a difficult time for both patient and family. Illness and hospitalisation may bring about many changes and difficulties which can be both emotional and practical. Often patients may find that other staff, having noticed the difficulties they are experiencing, arrange for a Social Worker to see them.

Patients and their families often request to see a Social Worker to talk about the following issues:

• Personal, marital and family relationship difficulties.

• Being unable to talk easily about feelings with loved ones.

• Feelings of fear, worry, sadness, anger and loss.

• Feelings of confusion and lack of control that arise from hospitalisation.

• Uncertainty about the future changes that illness may bring to the lives of the patient and their family.

• Concerns brought about by the effects on the families when some one is in hospital.

When these concerns arise, Social Workers are able to provide support and counselling, enabling patients and their families to examine all available options, resolve difficulties and make more informed decisions about the present situation and the future.

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